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Capo Q&A

It’s a tradition at every Teaching Guitar Workshop to give attendees sticky notes so they can write down questions as they arise. When there is a critical mass of stickies the TGW Clinicians answer all of them. Not surprisingly lots of attendees ask questions about the same subjects – no matter how much we try…


Technology in the Classroom

Tech is everywhere…and not just in the hands of your students. Technology can augment your classroom, change the way you teach and in a lot of ways levels the playing field making music education more accessible to more students. We asked some of our TGW people about the technologies that they are using in their…

Nick Playing Guitar by CMFRIESE -

Sweet Student of Mine

Have you been in this situation? A new student shows up for the first day of guitar class and he can play the riff from, Sweet Child of Mine flawlessly! He impresses all the other students…and you. You might even wonder if this kid ought to be teaching your guitar class. Later on, you find…


School Is In Session – Better Get In Shape

It’s been a long summer – thank goodness – but now you’ve got to teach guitar again. If you need a little refresher, you’re not alone. No worries! We’ll get you in shape for your new crop of eager guitar players. Let’s get down to some fundamentals. Strings Let me guess: You haven’t touched your…


10 Takeaways on TAB

The debate continues! TAB is a touchy subject – some people love it, others despise it. When we use TAB are we doing players – especially newbies – a disservice or helping them learn the instrument more quickly? Can TAB and musical notation ever be reconciled? Here’s Bill’s* advice about the good and the bad…

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