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7 Halloween Songs for Guitar Class

You’ve been drilling your classroom guitar students for two months; teaching them open chords and the notes on the strings. Well, it’s almost Halloween – time for a treat! Here are some scary, magical, and downright fun songs that any guitar player would love. Halloween the Movie Theme If you can play this theme without…


Sports Quotes for the Guitar Classroom

Being a classroom guitar teacher is a great! You get to play music, think music, and breathe music, but the day-to-day can be challenging. Fortunately, when you are trying to motivate and help a classroom full of kids become a classroom full of awesome guitarists, you can stand on the shoulders of giants. Here are…


Slug Guitars

The internet is great for so many things, but its also where you find the weirdest stuff! Check out these guitar legends playing giant slugs¬†courtesy of¬†Slug Solos Jimi Slugdrix Jimi Hendrix + Slug – Purple slime or is it my hands…. Slush Slash + Slug – Keith Richugs Keith Richards + Slug –…


5 Ideas for Working with At-Risk Kids

Tough kids, bullies, trouble makers, at-risk kids. We’ve all heard these names before and every teacher teacher has their horror story. However, year after year our teachers tell us that classroom guitar both attracts at-risk kids and is effective in turning them around. They not only participate in guitar class, but many kids use it…


Students, Turn ON Your Devices!

Students, turn on your devices! Does that sound counterintuitive or unproductive? You normally tell your students to turn their devices off in your class, so that they can focus. What if their devices made them focus on music more?!?!? Here are 6 apps you can use to enhance your music class and get your students…

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