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Classroom Guitar Diaries – The Big Test

Wrap it up! Show me what you know! It’s the day of the big test! I begin by letting kids study with buddies for about 10 minutes of class. They are allowed to ask me any questions and review anything they don’t understand. Students ask about how to tell the difference between the 2 G’s….


Classroom Guitar Diary – Review Time

Review Time! It’s week 8! I was the preparation for the BIG unit test! Of course, it also was the week our students took the Terra Nova test. I don’t know about you but, I know our kids can be a little crazy these days! I think it’s because of sitting in a chair for…


7 To-Do’s Before the June

Photo credit: kconnors from You’re just about there! The school year is coming to a close soon, your guitar class is ending, and you and your students are thinking about relaxing in the sun. That’s all good, but don’t check out just yet. Before you head for the beach, check out these 5 things…


The End of Noodling or Take Back Your Guitar Class

When a student has an instrument in their hands, they want to use it. However, making “unwanted” sound can be distracting, slow down a class, and if I hear the lick from “Sweet Child of Mine” one more time, I’m gonna….. It’s important to take noodling in stride, but it’s also important to put an…

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Classroom Guitar Diary – Guitar Sub Plan

The big question… What do I do with a sub? You could pop in a movie… But, I know that when kids come to my room, they expect to play instruments. Also, there are a ton of resources out there that can instruct anyone to do anything. So, here are some options for you… Our…

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