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5 Awesome Videos on How to Strum

Nothing looks easier than strumming, but that’s because great players make it look easy. In reality it takes a some work to sound great when you strum a guitar. You have to have rhythm, a good sense for patterns, and good form. Reasons to learn strum patterns and to teach them to your students: –…

Halifax 2009

Workshop Refresher: Warm Ups

Rob Pethel Warm Up Video In this video Rob Pethel demonstrates a warm up pattern for playing a major scale on a single string. Other benefits: • The scale pattern is the same on all six strings, so students will hear/play five major scales (and E major in twice)! • Rob’s pattern requires that students…


7 Halloween Songs for Guitar Class

You’ve been drilling your classroom guitar students for two months; teaching them open chords and the notes on the strings. Well, it’s almost Halloween – time for a treat! Here are some scary, magical, and downright fun songs that any guitar player would love. Halloween the Movie Theme If you can play this theme without…


Sports Quotes for the Guitar Classroom

Being a classroom guitar teacher is a great! You get to play music, think music, and breathe music, but the day-to-day can be challenging. Fortunately, when you are trying to motivate and help a classroom full of kids become a classroom full of awesome guitarists, you can stand on the shoulders of giants. Here are…


Slug Guitars

The internet is great for so many things, but its also where you find the weirdest stuff! Check out these guitar legends playing giant slugs courtesy of Slug Solos Jimi Slugdrix Jimi Hendrix + Slug – Purple slime or is it my hands…. Slush Slash + Slug – Keith Richugs Keith Richards + Slug –…

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