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4 TAB Sites That Will Make You an In-Class Star

  There has been a lot of talk about TAB on this site – is it legit or not? Your students are using it irrespective of TAB’s legitimacy, so we checked out a bunch of TAB sites to see who is for real and who’s not. Boasts hundreds of thousands of songs and over…


To Tune, or Not To Tune: That is the Question

Your guitars are being played 6-8 hours a day, they are being taken in and out of storage every day (hopefully), they are being handled by numerous hands, and the weather just went from 90 with humidity to a dry 75. If this sounds like your classroom, I’m guessing your guitars are out of tune….


5 Guitar Storage Solutions for Music Class

Whether students bring in their own or the school supplies them, every music teacher needs a practical way to protect, store and preserve their guitars. For classrooms that need to store 20-30 guitars at a time, taking them out quickly and easily for each class can be a logistical nightmare and a waste of valuable…


Getting Started With SmartMusic and Sound Innovations for Guitar

Introduction SmartMusic provides a solid guide for the beginning guitarist to personalize computer-assisted guitar instruction with practical materials they will use for a lifetime. All of the exercises, examples, and approaches in Alfred Music’s Sound Innovations for Guitar provide real world music skills for guitarists no matter their level. Let me share some thoughts on…


6 Cool Apps to Make Music Class More Fun!

Despite some obvious difficulties this is probably the best time in history to be a music teacher. Instrument manufacturing has reached a high point and technology is adding fun new layers that never existed before. Check out these six apps for iPhone. For under $35 (a fortune in iPhone apps) you and your students can…

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