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Guitar with a Capo

21 Tips for Becoming a Better Guitar Player

Congratulations! You made it through to the end of the year. Your guitar class had tons of very interested kids, but it’s not over! You’ve got a line of kids out the door who want to take guitar next year. Take the summer to get a little better at guitar. It will make a big…


The Ultimate Guide to Ending Noodling

When a student has an instrument in their hands, they want to use it. However, making “unwanted” sound can be distracting, slow down a class, and if I hear the lick from “Sweet Child of Mine” one more time, I’m gonna….. It’s important to take noodling in stride, but it’s also important to put an…


5 Things You Must Do Before the End of the Year

Photo credit: kconnors from Get ready for summer because you’re just about there! The school year is coming to a close, your guitar class is ending, and you and your students are thinking about relaxing in the sun. That’s all good, but don’t check out just yet. Before you head for the beach, check…

Guitar with a Capo

Become a Capo Master in 35 Minutes

We spend a lot of time talking about capos during the Teaching Guitar Workshops because they are an awesome tool! Capos create an artificial barre chord that effectively changes the position of the nut on your guitar. So if you and/or your guitar class are having trouble with barre chords, you might want to think…


Meet Your Clinician: Romana Hartmetz

1. Give us some background on your teaching experience? I have taught guitar from elementary to college level and I learn new things every year! I love Brazilian music and get an opportunity with my top level students to play and perform some really hot tunes! I also get to teach applications of jazz theory…

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