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5 Ways to Keep Your Students Awake in Class

I never slept through the night when I was in high school. Fortunately, I had some terrible classes – where I caught up on my sleep -, so that I could be wide awake for my great teachers! All over the world their are great teachers and…well…not-so-great teachers. Whether you’re the former or the latter,…

EdPrasse w guitar

Meet Ed Prasse – TGW Clinician

Tell us about your classroom guitar experience. I have been teaching guitar for 21 years at the same school. I even did my internship at this same school! My day consists of 3 Guitar I classes, 2 Guitar II, and 1 Guitar III/IV. All told that equals 186 students. What’s your favorite thing about teaching…

Rob Goldsmith

Meet Rob Goldsmith-TGW Clinician

Briefly describe one or more of your guitar teaching jobs. I taught middle school guitar for 13 years. I taught a 3 level program with 5 classes daily (2 beginning, 2 intermediate and 1 advanced). Each class had 25-40 students. I have also taught beginning guitar at the community college level, as well as guitar…

Tracy Bolton

Meet Traci Bolton – TGW Clinician

1. Describe your experience as a classroom guitar teacher. I have been teaching guitar for 11 years at Lafayette High School. Lafayette offers 2 semester-long classes as part of the school day. I spend the majority of my day teaching classroom guitar and fill out the rest as an assistant band director. Each year, my…


5 Websites Every Classroom Guitar Teacher Must See

The nice thing about being a musician these days is that you can find so many resources online. You can buy your instrument online, get lessons online, jam with people online, upload your songs and videos, etc. You name it, it’s online. That said, there’s a lot of junk out there and sifting through it…

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