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Pitching Guitar Class: A Look at the Numbers

With tight and fluctuating school budgets, it can feel like an impossible mission to pitch a new idea. This is especially true of arts programming, as music educators know. Interested in starting a guitar program at your school? One way is to sell the powers-that-be on the bottom line: it’s just plain cheaper than other…


6 Tips for Spanish Guitar Class

Since its invention the guitar has been a vital part of Spanish-speaking cultures. Today’s Spanish-speaking guitar students have a world of music to explore, and it’s up to you to draw up the map. Here are six ideas to bring Spain into your guitar class. 1. Get back to where guitar once belonged “Classical” and…

Reston 2009

Easy Improv: 4 Improv Masters to Inspire Your Class

Improvisation is a fun, freeing way to be musical and guitar is well-suited to the task! But sometimes students become ice sculptures when asked to improvise. They might have some performance anxiety or feel like they’re bound to a certain style. One way to inspire them and encourage them to smash through their comfort zones…

St Louis 2009

4 Reasons to Add Classroom Guitar

There are any number of reasons for teachers to start a guitar program; number one on the list is getting more students to become music makers. But what about convincing your principal that classroom guitar is a great idea. 1. $how Me the Money!!! Setting up a guitar class can cost a fraction of what…

Newfoundland 2012

Storing Guitars in the Classroom – No Longer a Problem

In the last 10 years, not only has the guitar gained popularity amongst the general public who play or want to learn to play this fine stringed instrument; the guitar has experienced unprecedented growth in classroom instructional programs within America’s schools. Teachers and those of us who strongly believe in and support music education in…

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