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Teaching Advanced and Beginner Students in the Same Class

You have a classroom full of kids, but they don’t always have the same abilities. Some of the kids are just starting out and others might even play better than you. What to do? First, don’t panic! Bring it back to the fundamentals of music. Orchestration Orchestra classes have chairs. You don’t have to teach…

[[File:Andrés_Segovia_(1963)_by_Erling_Mandelmann.jpg|thumb|Andrés Segovia (1963) by Erling Mandelmann]]

Teach: Andres Segovia

“Andrés Segovia (1963) by Erling Mandelmann” by Erling Mandelmann – photo© Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons . If James Brown was, “The Godfather of Soul”, Andres Segovia was the “Father of Classical Guitar.” And well, that’s pretty much the reason any guitar teacher worth her strings should teach his music and methods…

Ani Difranco @ Ancienne Belgique 11.10.07 - Erinc Salor via Flickr Creative Commons

Teach: Ani DiFranco

As a musician, Ani DiFranco has earned the respect of an international audience, critics and the likes of Prince. Through her unapologetically direct songs, DiFranco has also earned a place as a noted feminist and social activist. Her style may best be defined as “folk rock,” but she’d probably defy your definition. She’s been rocking…

Solo 4 - by Adam Beattie - Flickr - Creative Commons

Anatomy of a Perfect Guitar Solo

We all know that feeling when a famous guitar solo takes over the air waves; the broadband; the track. It instills us with total confidence – the feeling that the guitarist has “got this,” and that they’re going to take the song to the next level. But how do guitarists achieve the perfect solo? Let’s…

Img - Michael Eccles

Easy Improv: Using a Loop Pedal

The Loop Pedal You may have already used a loop pedal yourself. If you have, you already know how much fun it is. If not, teaching improvisation to your students is the perfect time to use loops. It’s also a great tool for your class to learn how to use and part of why guitar…

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