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How Do I Learn to Play Guitar?!?!

You’re teaching guitar in school and things are going..OK, but some of your students seem really good! They can play riffs that grab the attention of the class (including you). You begin to wonder if they might give you a pointer or two and your confidence about teaching guitar nose-dives. Sound like you? First –…


Gam-ify Your Classroom Guitar Program with Electives

I was reading a post on Edutopia about using principles from video games to engage students. I was struck by how much classroom guitar programs resemble video games. Douglas Kiang, the author of the article, points out that in video games we: – Fail early and often – Music has practice. – Earn badges or…


Reflecting on the Success of Classroom Guitar

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” comes streaming across our school’s PA system after the last student has exited the building for Christmas break. That was one of my former principals jolly way of not only wishing us “Merry Christmas”, but I think even more his way of saying “enjoy your time off”…


Guitar TABs, the Other White Meat

You teach standard music notation in music class, right? Sure, but what about the other form of notation, TAB? Notation and TAB have been around for a long time, but nothing says controversy like teaching TAB in music class. By the Numbers TAB made a comeback a few decades ago. It’s no wonder: TAB is…


Teaching a Guitar Class of Beginners and High Flyers

Photo credit: FlyingPete from Are you struggling at teaching your guitar classes because you have both beginners and students who have rocked out for a long time? This has been a struggle that I have found myself in and one that I have been asked about by many other guitar instructors. I have 2…

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