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Glen McCarthy

5 Easy Steps to Prep for the New School Year

School is starting soon. What to do with that set of acoustic class guitars? TGW recommends cleaning, polishing, taking off the strings, dressing the frets, oiling the finger-board, re-stringing and tuning. We recommend you go to your local music store to get polishes that are specifically made for your guitar body and fingerboard. Your students…


5 Ideas for the 1st Hour of Guitar Class

What to teach? So many choices! I want to teach my kids something substantive, but I don’t want to scare them. I hope they walk away inspired. The first hour of your guitar class can be intimidating; fortunately, you can cover a lot in just a little time. Here’s a list of 5 openers for…


7 Real Classroom Questions Answered

If you’ve ever attended a Teaching Guitar Workshop, you may have written a question, concern or comment on an anonymous sticky note for one of or guitar-teaching gurus to answer. If you’ve never been to a Teaching Guitar Workshop, that’s how we roll. Furthermore, we share the wealth with other teachers on this site! Here’s…


Bill Burke’s Sooper-Dooper Warm Up

Here’s a warm-up routine that works great in the classroom; private lessons; or individual practice. I have also used this in the Teaching Guitar Workshops. In a matter of less than four minutes, this exercise can be performed with great benefit. Some of the things achieved in this exercise include finger independence, coordination of right…


Pitching Guitar Class: A Look at the Numbers

With tight and fluctuating school budgets, it can feel like an impossible mission to pitch a new idea. This is especially true of arts programming, as music educators know. Interested in starting a guitar program at your school? One way is to sell the powers-that-be on the bottom line: it’s just plain cheaper than other…

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