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TAB, the Other White Meat

You teach standard music notation in music class, right? Sure, but what about the other form of notation, TAB? Notation and TAB have been around for a long time, but nothing says controversy like teaching TAB in music class. By the Numbers TAB made a comeback a few decades ago. It’s no wonder: TAB is…


Teaching a Guitar Class of Beginners and High Flyers

Photo credit: FlyingPete from Are you struggling at teaching your guitar classes because you have both beginners and students who have rocked out for a long time? This has been a struggle that I have found myself in and one that I have been asked about by many other guitar instructors. I have 2…

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Breaking Unspoken Rules in Guitar Class

Photo credit: manuere from School is full of rules, most of them unspoken. However, if there’s one takeaway from music, it’s that you have to break the rules to make something beautiful. In shaping growing minds and life-long music makers think outside of the box and try breaking some of the unspoken rules. Don’t…


5 Songs to Play with Barre Chords

You’ve seen Rob Pethel’s videos on how to teach Barre Chords, now how do you make it musical for your students? We put some song recommendations together for you and your classroom guitar program that involve barre chords, mixing open and barre chords, and barre chords on the E and A strings. Stray Cat Strut…

Christmas Carolers

5 Holiday Songs for Guitar Class

It’s that time of year again: Everyone is busy shopping and making plans for the holidays. Meanwhile, you forgot to plan out some holiday songs for your guitar class! Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with 5 songs that are easy to learn and teach. Frosty the Snowman Such a great and simple song! G…

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