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10 Takeaways on TAB

The debate continues! TAB is a touchy subject – some people love it, others despise it. When we use TAB are we doing players – especially newbies – a disservice or helping them learn the instrument more quickly? Can TAB and musical notation ever be reconciled? Here’s Bill’s* advice about the good and the bad…

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5 Classroom Guitar Hacks

If you’re starting a guitar program on a budget, you’re not alone. How do you buy guitars, store them, give your kids picks every 5 minutes when they lose them? Where does it end? It ends when you decide to do some or all of it yourself (or with the help of your handy friend)….


9 Weeks of Classroom Guitar Diaries Compiled

School is about to start – if it hasn’t already started. Your kids’ hands are itching to start playing guitar. You have so much to prep! What to do? We’ve got you covered. If you didn’t read Shelley’s Classroom Guitar Diaries as they were being published a couple months ago, here they all are under…


5 Ideas for the 1st Hour of Guitar Class

What to teach? So many choices! I want to teach my kids something substantive, but I don’t want to scare them. I hope they walk away inspired. The first hour of your guitar class can be intimidating; fortunately, you can cover a lot in just a little time. Here’s a list of 5 openers for…


7 Real Classroom Questions Answered

If you’ve ever attended a Teaching Guitar Workshop, you may have written a question, concern or comment on an anonymous sticky note for one of or guitar-teaching gurus to answer. If you’ve never been to a Teaching Guitar Workshop, that’s how we roll. Furthermore, we share the wealth with other teachers on this site! Here’s…

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