In the last 10 years, not only has the guitar gained popularity amongst the general public who play or want to learn to play this fine stringed instrument; the guitar has experienced unprecedented growth in classroom instructional programs within America’s schools. Teachers and those of us who strongly believe in and support music education in our schools are certainly proud that the traditional brass, percussion, and woodwinds instructional programs are still quite popular through all age groups, but we’re beyond elated that the requests of students who want to learn to play that guitar that’s already sitting in their homes has finally been heard by administrators and is being eagerly addressed by both public and charter schools at a very fast rate.

Many scholastic music departments, upon implementing their guitar programs, typically purchase 10 to 30 guitars for their many students but often have no place to store them. Districts that have the means to build new, more modern schools and happen to foresee their long-term music program needs are fortunate to have the opportunity to design in-the-wall storage systems that can accommodate their newly-acquired guitars; however, most school systems have very limited budgets and must best utilize the physical structures (i.e., schools and band room closets) that they’ve been using for years. Fitting 20 or more guitars into a bandroom closet and quickly and easily taking them out for each class can be a logistical nightmare and a waste of valuable instructional time. Conversely, leaving the guitars outside the bandroom closet; i.e., leaning them against walls, lying them on the floor, or propping them precariously against pianos is only a guarantee of eventual damage to, or vandalism or theft of one or more guitars. Fortunately, A&S Crafted Products has the perfect solution to this problem.

A&S Crafted Products offers the Band Room Double Stack Guitar Rack. Each Rack provides sturdy, convenient, versatile, mobile storage for approximately 20 guitars (in the cases or out of the cases) at a very economical price. The Rack, made of solid hardwood rails and scuff-resistant sides, holds virtually any size guitar and any size/shape case for easy access by students while providing a safe place for the class’ guitars – it even includes a locking mechanism to keep the cases secured to the rack to deter theft or vandalism. With its smooth and strong caster system, the Rack can be easily wheeled to a desired location at the beginning of class and quickly and easily stored away after class. Used for many years by many schools throughout the country and abroad and with many of those schools buying more racks as their programs grow, the Band Room Double Stack Guitar Rack has been shown to withstand the roughest of classroom environments and has earned the trust of music teachers who keep coming to us as their guitar programs begin and as they grow.

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